Welcome to my Electronic Game Aids page. These are sundry computer programs, character sheets, and other electronic goodies that I’ve found useful to my hobby. All of them are free as in beer; many of them are also free as in speech.

Universal/Generic Tools

IHMC CMapTools
Not a gaming tool per se, but a useful and interesting tool for generating mind maps: diagrams showing the relationships between concepts.

Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition

4E Turn Tracker
An excellent combat manager for Fourth Edition D&D that does much more than track turns. It can import character and monster data from Wizards of the Coast’s online D&D Insider tools, track temporary modifiers and conditions, and roll dice for the DM.

D20 / Pathfinder / OGL

The entire D20 System Reference Document, the basis for both Pathfinder and D&D 3.5, on a well-designed and standards-compliant Web site. This should work on either a desktop or a mobile device because unlike most Web designers, the developer understood the value of a flexible-width layout.
The ultimate character generator and editor for D20-based games.

Savage Worlds System

Combat Flowchart
So far I only have one item for Savage Worlds, a combat flow chart that helps walk new players through a round of battle.