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Cat photo: Two cats in an office chair

Impromptu Cat Photo

Christmas Trees are for Cats

This year, my lovely wife and I moved to a beautiful new house. In contrast with our “city-sized” (read, small) condo, we have a lot more space: enough space to set up a full-sized Christmas tree. We had some reservations about this. We’ve had the cats for five years now but we’ve never had cats […]

Meet Your New Dungeon Master

At our last D&D game, Merlin decided he had been a spectator long enough and got directly involved in the game. He is quite the copycat. It’s a pity I couldn’t have snapped this picture a half-second earlier, when he was sitting down behind the screen and looking directly at the camera.

Area Effect Templates for D&D Miniatures

Playing D&D 4E pretty much requires the use of tabletop miniatures (or some equivalent, like cardstock counters). During one of the early sessions of our current campaign, I realized that the wizards in particular were using a lot of area effects. Probably that’s because wizards have access to first-level powers that can be used at […]

My Cat Has a Drinking Problem

My cat Merlin has discovered a new way to drink from his kitty fountain: He stand on top of it, leans over, and drinks from the stream in midair. I think he does it because he used to stick his head under the stream and it would get wet. Rather than just drinking from a […]

XBox360 and the Red Ring of Death

Last May, I bought an XBox360. I enjoyed it a lot, until last night. I tried to turn it on and nothing happened. The power indicator didn’t come on. The familiar low hum of the hard drive was silent. Nothing. It turns out I was one of the lucky ones. My problem was that my […]

Morgana, Bane of Ubuntu

About a year ago I switched to using Ubuntu Linux as my primary operating system. I like Ubuntu a lot, and I’ll probably write more about it later. There is, however, one oddity about Ubuntu, which I can’t explain. It seems to be incompatible with my cat Morgana. The first incident came within a couple […]

A Cat Photo

I am just recovering from a major re-organization of my computer’s hard drive and I don’t have my full cornucopia of cat photos on disk yet (they’re on a backup DVD).  But this one was on my camera.  This is Merlin demonstrating his trademark “playful face.”