The name of this site is an homage to the classic computer game Might and Magic VI: the Mandate of Heaven. Under the section on mouse and keyboard controls, that manual used some colorful fantasy-themed euphemisms for the computer monitor, mouse, and keyboard: the monitor was a “crystal ball” (which made more sense when the game came out, before flat-screen displays were common), the mouse was the Rodent of PARC, and the keyboard was the Ordered Runes of Binaria (an allusion to the binary numbers computers use internally.)

I chose that as a name for two complimentary reasons. This blog is going to be about my professional interests — computing, security, usability, and helping people understand how to safely and productively use computers — and my hobbies of roleplaying games and fantasy fiction. The “Runes of Binaria” fits both those topics. To an amateur user, computers seem like magical things and what little documentation there is on how to use them might as well be written in ancient runes. To a fantasy gamer, computers are like powerful magic that lets you visualize imaginary worlds in a magic mirror (formerly, a rather boxy crystal ball), send messages at the speed of thought, and so on. Mastering the Runes of Binaria gives a wizard great powers, indeed.


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