ShewstonePublishingLogo I’m aware that it’s been more than 2 years since I’ve posted to this blog. This long, quiet period coincided with the launch of 5th Edition D&D at Gen Con 2014. :-) 2014 was my first Gen Con. Since then my engagement with roleplaying games has been reinvigorated and I’ve been putting my time into world-building, adventure planning, and roleplaying with my friends (plus more than a little Fallout 4).

Another new pastime is my new (tiny) company to publish roleplaying games. Our first product is still a long way off but I have a very clear idea what it will be, and it will be great.

Henceforward, I’ll be posting most of my roleplaying-related articles on my company blog, Shewstone Publishing. Please check out that site for teasers and (eventually) news about my upcoming game.