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Security Myths and Realities: Easy-to-Remember Passwords

I’ve been meaning to write more about computer security, but all the topics are complicated. That makes it time-consuming to write about, and potentially dry and confusing to a reader. So I’ve decided to try something new: to write short, narrow posts that address a smaller subset of the topic. In doing this, I realize […]

Crusader Kings 2: Lawyers, Swords, and Money

Lately I’ve been playing a lot of the PC game, Crusader Kings II. Besides being a whole lot of fun, this game is a breath of fresh air in the strategy genre. It’s a game not just about war and conquest, but about alliances, betrayal, marriages, assassination plots, corruption, and medieval law. It’s the most […]

International Day Against DRM

It’s late in the day as I post this, but today is the International Day Against DRM! So what’s DRM? It stands for “digital rights management,” and refers to technology that forces users to have a license in order to play a movie, read an e-book, or run a computer program. Big companies claim that […]

Impromptu Cat Photo