Ars Magica logoThose of you who know me, know that Ars Magica is my favorite pen-and-paper role-playing game. That is no big secret: I’ve written chapters for something like four books (depending on how you count “chapter”) for that game, plus a free Web supplement. In fact, I have a new book coming out, but that’s not what I’m breaking my three-month blog silence about.

The momentous occasion that has spurred me to actually write something new for my blog is that a software studio has just announced a Kickstarter project to make an Ars Magica video game for the PC!

This is a big deal, because I’ve always thought that not only would a PC version of Ars Magica be fun to play, but it would help new players get exposure to this wonderful game.

Nothing has actually happened yet. This is just the start of a Kickstarter pledge drive to raise funds to develop the game. If you are not familiar with how Kickstarter works, I highly recommend you learn about it before you pledge any of its goals.

In order for me to actually get to play and enjoy this game, a long chain of events must all fall into place.

  1. The project must meet its funding goal. If it falls short, nobody pays anything, and nothing happens. In other words, we’ll be no better or worse off than today — at least as far as Ars Magica video games go. (The presidential election will also be over, in which case there is actually a chance we’ll be worse off, but I’ll be glad it’s over even so.)
  2. The developer must actually finish the project before running out of money. Estimating the costs of software projects is notoriously hard, so this is a real challenge.
  3. Nothing major can go wrong during development. Nobody storming out and quitting during a tense staff meeting, no huge design mistakes, no earthquakes literally destroying the developer’s studio.

That said, the only portion of the above that is under my control, and that only partially, is Step 1. I’m heading over to Kickstarter to pledge some money.