Archives for August 2011

Changing Auto-Run Programs in Windows 7

I’ve been running Windows 7 for about a year and a half now. I have never been a Windows fan but Windows 7 definitely seems the least annoying — and most reliable — version of Windows I’ve seen. One of the remaining annoyances though is that even though I’ve been pretty careful about what I […]

Best Password Advice Ever

I have actually been mulling over posting about passwords and my current beliefs about how to choose them, but the Web comic xkcd beat me to it, and of course said in about 100 words what would have taken me 10 times as many:

Learning the Combat System in Savage Worlds

Lately I’ve been playing two tabletop RPGs, which partially accounts for the lack of blog posts in about three months. One of my games is, of course, Ars Magica, and the other is the (relatively) new Space 1889: Red Sands setting for Savage Worlds. I find that over the past three or four years my […]