My cat Merlin has discovered a new way to drink from his kitty fountain:

Merlin drinking upside down

My cat Merlin, acting like himself

He stand on top of it, leans over, and drinks from the stream in midair. I think he does it because he used to stick his head under the stream and it would get wet. Rather than just drinking from a different part of the basin, he came up with this solution.

At my house we have a word for this: “floofy,” derived by combining “fluffy” and “goofy.” And now you have some insight into what it’s like to live with this silly animal and his floofy sister.

Incidentally, our cats have a drinking fountain because it has health benefits. Cats prefer their water aerated and if most cats are given standing water in a dish, they’ll dislike it and end up not drinking enough to stay hydrated. If your cat’s nose it not moist like a dog’s, it’s because she either has a cold or is dehydrated.

Merlin enjoys his Drinkwell Platinum pet fountain, but if you don’t have a platinum budget you can buy a less expensive pet fountain, or just train your cat to drink from the tap (yes, cats can be trained!).