For those of you who have been reading my blog, I’ve got some bad news. Due to an error on my part, all the past articles and comments have been lost. For all intents and purposes, The Runes of Binaria is starting over with a blank slate.

It was my mistake. I migrated to a new hosting provider, Bluehost, who provides somewhat cheaper service. More importantly, Bluehost is a lot more nerd-friendly than my previous provider, 1&1. The server software that powers my site (PHP for those who care to know) is more up to date at Bluehost and supports more options. This is really what motivated me to migrate, because looking ahead I have some other projects that will also benefit from the new, more powerful server features.

When I left 1&1 (on good terms: their service was really not bad) I downloaded all my files and backed them up and thought I was all set. It turns out I forgot something important. You see, this blog runs on the popular WordPress software, which uses a database (MySQL if you’re interested) as the back-end for storing all the articles and sorting them into categories and so forth. When I downloaded all my files I kind of assumed my database was among them. It’s not. The database is gone. In fact, the databases to my other Web pages are gone as well.

Now I could probably recover that database today by writing a frantic e-mail to 1&1. I would probably have to pay a few bucks to re-open my account. But it would be a big hassle, and it’s quite possible that 1&1 has an automatic script to clean out a customer’s disk space when he leaves.

What I really think is that there was not too much on my old blog that’s important to save. I’ve learned the hard lesson, so next time I’ll have the backups in place. I look at this as an opportunity to set a new tone for my blog. I have a clearer idea of what kinds of things I want to write about than I did when I started blogging. I’m optimistic that I can make this new incarnation of The Runes of Binaria more informative and entertaining.