Archives for April 2010

It is Never a Good Time to Change Your Password

Many people, including (I am embarrassed to say) myself, have given people advice to periodically change their computer passwords. The more I learn about computer security and human factors, the more I come to realize this is fundamentally bad advice. A Boston Globe article from a couple of weeks ago explains this far better than […]

Face Painting for Confusing Face Recognition Software

A researcher named Adam Harvey published some of his findings about how face paint can confuse face-recognition software. He has pictures on his Web site. This makes me think of science-fiction games, especially cyberpunk games. I kind of like the idea of characters painting their faces with camouflage patterns before they run the shadows. And, […]

E-Books and DRM

E-books and devices with which to read them are gaining popularity. If you are thinking of getting an e-reader, there is something you need to understand about e-books: digital rights management, or DRM for short. DRM is what used to be called “copy protection:” it’s software that prevents you from making copies of an e-book […]

Data Recovered

Just to let everyone know, I’ve had some help in recovering the data from my old blog posts. A friend from work had software that had archived most of the posts automatically and he sent me a copy of the archive. And, another reader pointed out that I could retrieve anything else that may still […]

The End of History

For those of you who have been reading my blog, I’ve got some bad news. Due to an error on my part, all the past articles and comments have been lost. For all intents and purposes, The Runes of Binaria is starting over with a blank slate.