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Return of the Underdogs!

Up until February of this year, there was a cool Web site called Home of the Underdogs. It was a massive archive related to computer games of the 1980’s and 1990’s — the now-forgotten small-budget “underdog” games from before the Windows 95/98/XP era. I regard the early ’90’s as the Golden Age of computer games, […]

Wizards of the Coasts Abruptly Suspends Sales of PDFs

This morning, I received in my inbox a message from Paizo Publishing that Wizards of the Coast insists they immediately stop selling PDFs of D&D gaming supplements. Later in the day I discovered that RPGnow and other online game stores had received the same demand. Presumably this came without a lot of advance notice. Wizards […]

Should You Buy a 64-Bit Computer? (version 2)

Last week I posted an article about 64-bit computers but I don’t feel it was well-written. Here follows a second attempt to explain the important points without going into a lot of technical detail too early.