Or, the Tentacular Spectacular!

It was a great weekend. First, my birthday occurred some time this past week. Happy birthday to me!

On Saturday I had a bunch of friends over to play the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game. Since it was summertime, and a nice day, and near enough to my birthday, and the game was at my house, I decided to turn the occasion into a Cthulhu Cookout! And in honor of the occasion, my friend Dave brought…


Grilled Squid

Fresh Squid on the Barbecue Grill

Squid. Marinated squid, to be precise. On the grill. We also had normal things like corn on the cob and hamburgers.

Squid fits right in with the whole Cthulhu theme of course. I’d had dried squid before but never fresh-grilled on the barbecue. I approached with with an open mind, but found out… a little bit of grilled squid goes a long way. The tentacle bits are all right, though quite chewy and fishy-tasting — but squid bodies are nasty! Dave says they’re a lot like calamari, but I thought they more resembled fish-flavored globs of snot.

My wife was so appalled by the slimy appearance and powerful fishy smell of the squid that she fled upstairs and wouldn’t come down until we’d eaten our fill of squid, put the leftovers in an airtight bag to send home with Dave, and cleaned and deodorized the grill, dining room, and kitchen. So we won’t be featuring squid at the next barbecue.

Dave eating squid

Sometimes you eat the tentatcles, sometimes the tentacles eat you.

We had a most excellent game. The characters came as close to a TPK (Total Party Kill — where all the players’ characters get wiped out) as I’ve ever seen without it actually happening. And they went on to prevent the evil sorceress from coming back from the dead, which in Call of Cthulhu is about the biggest victory one can ever get.

So, all in all, it was a great day.