I hate blogs.  So why do I have one?

Just recently (two days ago, in fact), I decided to take the plunge and get my own Web hosting service from a real hosting company (namely, 1and1).  Partly this is because I’m tired of hosting my pages at Comcast (more specifically, I’m tired of Comcast’s lousy service and crooked policies); partly because I want to do some things that comcast won’t let me do, like run my own Wiki; and partly because I have plans to put enough diverse content online that it makes sense to have separate domains: arsmagica.andrewgronosky.org, photos.andrewgronosky.org, and so on.

When I started thinking about what I’d like my main home page to look like, I realized I would probably want to change it pretty often.  That’s starting to sound like a blog.

Now, I said earlier I hate blogs.  That’s really a half truth when I get down to it.  I hate most blogs.  My wife has a blog.  My friend Mark Moses has a blog.  Even slashdot could be considered a blog.  Those aren’t bad.  So maybe I don’t hate blogs — just lame blog posts.

I guess I’ll be OK as long as I dont post lame stuff.  If my blog ever disappears, you’ll know why.